#LittlePilgrimage 35. Notre-Dame Basilica, Church of Saint Jeanne D’Arc & Saint Francis Xavie Church

so i went for another holiday in Vietnam last weekend. and i was so happy because i didn’t skip my weekly Mass and visited 3 local churches there.

i arrived night time at Hồ Chí Minh on last saturday, and decided not to go too far from my friend’s apartment, because i need to save my energy for the next 3 days.

on Sunday morning after we had breakfast, me and my friend and her husband went for a Mass in Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Saïgon) or officially known as Basilica of Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception. Following the French conquest of Cochinchina and Saigon, the Roman Catholic Church established a community and religious services for French colonialists. All the original building materials were imported from France. Tiles have been carved with the words Guichard Carvin, Marseille St André France (perhaps stating the locality where the tiles were produced). Some tiles are carved with the words “Wang-Tai Saigon”. Many tiles have  been made in Ho Chi Minh City to replace the tiles that were damaged by the war. There are 56 glass squares supplied by the Lorin firm of Chartres province in France. The cathedral foundation was designed to bear ten times the weight of the cathedral.





after the cathedral, me and my friend went to the Saigon Central Post Office (Bưu điện Trung tâm Sài Gòn) which located just next to the cathedral. it’s another old and classic building, and it’s worth to go for a philatelist like me. other than post stamp collection and post cards, they also sell many kind of souvenirs. but what most captivated my eyes was the interior, especially the unique ceiling design. after roaming around and took some pictures of the cathedral and post office, we decided to go for a lunch at the Thuận Kiều Restaurant.

before reaching the restaurant, my friend’s personal driver decided to drop us at the Church of Saint Jeanne D’Arc (Nhà thờ Ngã Sáu) or locally known as Thánh Nữ Jeanne D’Arc. the church is located in the Chinatown district of Saigon. Built from 1922 to 1928, this Ho Chi Minh City landmark is almost always photographed straight-on with a wide-angle lens in travel brochures. a statue of the brave lady saint can be seen above the entrance. but too bad the church was closed so we couldn’t get inside the building.


after quick stop took some pictures, had lunch, we told to the driver to drop us to our next stop, Bình Tây Market. but the driver refused, “no, i will drop you to another church first.” well okay. obviously this driver really wanted to impress me with their beautiful local church! haha. but i don’t mind. the more church i visit the more pictures i can post on my blog! haha. lucky i went with my catholic friend and a catholic driver!

so the next church we stopped by for a quick prayer was a Saint Francis Xavie Church or locally known as Father Tam Church – Nhà thờ Cha Tam. a little bit history about this church, in 1898 the Chinese priest Father Francis Xavier Tam Assou was sent to Cholon by the local bishop to take care of the city’s Chinese Christians. His first act was to build a church for them, and ground breaking for the church was held on December 3, 1900. The gothic-style building was inaugurated in January 10, 1902 and dedicated to St. Francis Xavier, whom Father Assou was named after. The church boasts a 38 meter bell tower with a statue of St. Francis Xavier built inside. Father Tam’s grave can be viewed as you enter the church.



i was so stoked with the churches hopping during my holiday with my friend accompanied me. it was always such a homey feeling everytime i enter a catholic church, wherever and what ever country the church is, always the same feeling.

see you on my next #LittlePilgrimage! :”D

photo credit and big thanks to ciMeL

#LittlePilgrimage 34. Church Of The Holy Spirit

#LittlePilgrimage 34. Church Of The Holy Spirit, 248 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574371

Copy of hspiritCopy of DSC_2192Copy of DSC_2187so today i decided to go for a bahasa Mass in this church at 3:30PM. this supposed to be the last church i’ve been visited all around singapore. i was expecting a normal adventure just like my previous #LittlePilgrimage i have done. but apparently, this time was a little bit different.

when one of the warden came and talked to me, and asked my help for the psalm singer, i couldn’t reject it. obviously this is how God finally answered my longing after more than 3 years i didn’t sing in the church.

so it’s a date! next month i’ll be helping this church.

how to go to this church from my office – change to bus #74 and stop at macritchie reservoir – change to bus #52, 3 stops later stop just in front of the church. going back is easier, take bus #52 to bukit timah plaza.

here’s the official web of the church : http://www.holyspirit.sg/

see you next month! 😀 😀

#LittlePilgrimage 33. Church of The Risen Christ

#LittlePilgrimage 33. Church of The Risen Christ, 91 Toa Payoh Central, Singapore 319193

risenchristDSC_2192 - Copy DSC_2198 - CopyDSC_2194 - Copy

i think it’s been too long since i started this #LittlePilgrimage on August 2013. and i think it’s better to finish it as soon as i can.

this church located quite far from my place. but it’s only 1 direct bus from my office #157. the bus stops just in front of the church. this is the official web of this church : http://www.risenchrist.org.sg/

#LittlePilgrimage 31. Saint John’s Cathedral, Hong Kong

Me and my friend went holiday to HongKong and Macao. Wednesday (29 April 2015) First day we arrived in HK,, we supposed to visit St. Peter’s church nearby East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station exit-K. We arrived at what we thought it must be a church, we followed the map but somehow we cound’t find the church. I was disappointed, but since we planned to go church hopping in Macao, so I felt a bit releaved.

On Saturday (2 May), we supposed to go Victoria Peak. But when we arrived at the tram terminal, the queue was so crazy and it was already 6 PM. So we decided to walk around the terminal, and we saw a gothic building that looked like a church. And it was St. John’s Cathedral!

#LittlePilgrimage 31. Saint John’s Cathedral, 4-8 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong

st.John Cathedral HK01  st.John Cathedral HK02st.John Cathedral HK03Funny how me and my friend both were so excited to found the church and attended the Mass there instead of joining the tram queue. When we arrived in the church, the Mass has just started In Chinese. Although we didn’t understand chinese, but both of us decided to finish the Mass and received the blessings.

Too bad we arrived there a bit too late and my phone couldn’t take a good picture in the dark. So here are the pictures taken from google :”P Funny how for the second time, God didn’t allow me to skip Mass! And funny how sometimes plan-B turned out to be more joyous and exciting than the original plan! :”D

Here’s the official web of the church : http://www.stjohnscathedral.org.hk/

#LittlePilgrimage 32. Saint Dominic’s Church & Ruins of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Largo de São Domingos, Macao

Me and my friend went holiday to HongKong and Macao. On Friday (1st May 2015) we arrived in Macao by Ferry. Lucky I travelled with a catholic friend, meaning we can do church hopping together, instead of casino hopping XP.

According to our itinerary, from ferry terminal we went by free shuttle bus to Grand Lisboa hotel. From there we walked to Senado Square and took some selfies. From Senado Square we stopped by at Saint Dominic’s Church.

#LittlePilgrimage 32. Saint Dominic’s Church & Ruins of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Largo de São Domingos, Macao

st.Dominic Church Macao01 st.Dominic Church Macao02The yellow churchruins of st paul's cathedral in baroque style is easy to spot when you have seen it on the internet before. The Church is dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary. It was constructed in haste by the Dominicans in 1587 simply with wooden planks and an erected cross as a small chapel for they were tight on funding and constrained by time. When more ample funding became available, quality timber were imported to turn it into a decent church. By 1828, Spanish priests proficient in architecture helped out in the church’s reconstruction to shape its present look.

I’m not sure if they still hold a Mass here, as too many tourists (Christians and non-Christians) come in to the church without any respect at all. Me and my friend were sad to see how many people are so loud inside the church and taking too many selfies in front of the Altar. But what can we do about it?

After short prayers, we decided to move, continue to the main tourist attraction in Macao, our #1 goal must-see place in Macao, which is Ruin’s of Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

The Ruins of St. Paul’s (Chinese: 大三巴牌坊; pinyin: Dàsānbā Páifāng) refers to the ruins of a 16th-century complex in Macau including of what was originally St. Paul’s College and the Church of St. Paul also known as “Mater Dei”, a 17th-century Portuguese church dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle.

First constructed in 1580, St. Paul’s Church caught fires in 1595 and 1601. However, reconstruction started in 1602 soon after the church was burnt down. Completed in 1637, the church became the biggest Catholic Church in East Asia at that time. Unfortunately, a violent typhoon hit Macau in 1835 and the church caught fire for the third time leaving its glory a history. According to historical materials, St Paul’s Church, built with white stones, had a grand vaulted roof. It had three magnificently decorated halls. Today, the ruins are one of Macau’s best known landmarks.

The ruins is just walking distance from St. Dominic. Just follow the crowds and the street signs, it’s easy to find. Too bad the weather that day was way too hot, so we decided not to go to the top of the stairs and see what’s behind the façade.

But here’s the wiki about the ruins : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruins_of_St._Paul%27s

And wiki for Saint dominic’s : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Dominic%27s_Church,_Macau

#LittlePilgrimage 30. Gereja St. Yohanes Penginjil (Church of St. John The Evangelist)

#LittlePilgrimage 30. Gereja St. Yohanes Penginjil, Jl.Melawai Raya 197, Jakarta 12130

Copy of 15275186 Copy of DSC_1757 Copy of DSC_1759since i went for business trip on thursday-friday last week, so i was thinking to extend it until sunday. and good thing is, my friend’s place was located walking distance to this church. i know i–made excuses that–didn’t have time to attend the Mass, so i just had my quick stop and pray for less than 10 minutes, then i left. i did feel like a tourist in my own home country.

but God has his own way to make me not skip the Mass. just today, 2 days later after my quick visit at Gereja St. Yohanes Penginjil, God dragged me to St. Joseph Upper Bukit Timah Church to attend weekday Mass there. funny. just so sudden this girl showed up in the same elevator with me at the office, and she told me she’s going to church and ask me to go with her (without asking me whether i want anot). anyhow,, i never reject the invitation to go church. so i think this is the way God makes me laugh.

anyway. i found this beautiful paintings of Mother Mary dressed in local javanese kebaya (costume) by a famous artist, F Widayanto, which is very very beautiful and represents the local beauty very well. too bad this painting has reflection glass and this is the best shot i could get–sorry about that.