#ShortNews: Since 1969, 57 Jesuits slain for ‘defending justice and reconciliation’

In the last fifty years, 57 Jesuits have been assassinated for defending justice and reconciliation.

On the 50th anniversary of the Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat, we want to pay a modest tribute to them with the publication “Jesuit Martyrs: Torches of Light and Hope” which contains a brief portrait of each of them as well as testimonies of people who knew them.

The fruits of their witness were fruitful: personal conversions, deepening of faith, increase in vocations, communities capable of facing their problems with dignity and living in peace. Their lives inspire others to fight for faith and justice. They also brought about structural changes, such as the acceleration of peace talks between the warring parties in El Salvador after the 1989 assassinations or the reconciliation work that took place in Rwanda after the assassination of the martyrs in that country.

Their assassins wanted to silence them by taking their lives. Paradoxically, their spirit is still alive and continues to bear fruit. Their light shines brightly.

Here you can have access to the publication Jesuit “martyrs”: Torches of Light and Hope.


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