#ShortNews: Listen to the cry of Hong Kong’s citizens, Cardinal Tong urges government

Only by “responding to and concretley realising the demands of citizens, is it possible to rebuild social harmony” in Hong Kong, says Card.  John Tong, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese.The Cardinal published a letter inviting citizens and faithful to “regain hope” (Sat, 12 Oct 2019).  “Violence is not the solution to the current problem, but only causes deeper and deeper wounds,” says the Cardinal.

Dear friends of Hong Kong,

The riots which began as a result of the extradition law not only are not improving, indeed they are worsening.  As a citizen of Hong Kong, this pains me deeply.  I am a religious and not a politician;  in fact, I’m not here to propose a possible solution to this problem.  However, thanks to my faith, I am firmly convinced that the Lord is the master of human history, what is happening cannot be explained with common sense and the people involved do not know how to deal with it.  And yet, I firmly believe that God accompanies us during difficult times.

Many faithful have asked me: “Besides prayer, what else can we do?”  I know that prayer does not change others, but I think it can convert our heart by helping us to face the test and find hope.  I know that most listeners are not believers and that it is possible to lose control during this period of repeated disorders.  In such situations, I suggest you take a deep breath and remember how we overcame past challenges, finding hope.  And if all this negative information affects our inner peace, I advise people to confide in some trusted friend who understands you;  this helps us move forward.

To read the full letter: http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Card.-Tong-appeals-against-violence:-Restore-hope-and-trust-48254.html

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