#ShortNews ‘Wake up, Europe,’ continent’s bishops say in message

During the concluding session of the Plenary Assembly of the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences, that has taken place in Santiago de Compostela in these last days, the presidents of the European Bishops’ Conferences, members of the CCEE, have addressed a message to the whole of Europe.

Gathered to reflect on Europe, time to awaken? The signs of Hope, we have become more aware of the situations in which our countries live and of the different contradictions that exist therein:
– the desire for God, but at the same time the fragility of the Christian life;
– the desire for lives based on the Gospel, but at the same time ecclesial and human weakness;
– the desire for holiness, but at the same time without witness of life;
the desire for universal human rights, but at the same time the loss of respect for human dignity;
– the desire for harmony in society and with creation, but also the loss of any sense of objective truth;
– the desire for lasting happiness, but also the loss of a shared sense of the destiny to which humanity is called;
– the desire for inner peace and consistency expressed in a spiritual search, but also the denial of that search in many public discourses.

Read the final message of the Bishop: https://www.ccee.eu/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2019/10/Messaggio-finale-dei-vescovi-EN.pdf

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