#MoralStory: Helping Someone Else

My parents have a guesthouse and even with this guesthouse, we end up scraping by every month. Yes, it causes a lot of unhappiness here at home but God always makes sure that we get through that month.

Anyway, here in South Africa they are giving everyone with an ID, a free decoder and dish because the analog signals would be switched off in September. So, yesterday five men came around to put the dish up and connect it to the decoder. Since I’m blind, I didn’t know that there were five guys instead of two as I had thought. I asked them if they wanted something to eat with a cup of coffee. They answered, “Yes,” and told me that they haven’t eaten that morning before they left to put up all the dishes they had with them.

My father wasn’t pleased with me and promptly called me into the house and gave me a lecture about giving food away to strangers and that there were five men out there and not just one or two. I nearly burst into tears because I had no idea that there were that many people out there. I only wanted to do something and make them feel appreciated. My mom told my dad off and went to the kitchen to make the men each a sandwich. My dad’s a good person, don’t get me wrong here. It’s just well, he doesn’t always like to share what little we have for ourselves.

I fetched two tins of corn beef and gave them to my mom who made a nice mixture with chutney and tomato sauce. I got five cups out and made some coffee for the guys. We didn’t have enough bread but it was enough for the guys and my mom. Mom ended up cutting her hand on one of the tins and I felt horrible about that even if it wasn’t my fault. When the guys left, they were happy and said thanks for the food and coffee.

This morning, dad got some money and put it into the bank so that everything that needs to be paid could get paid. It’s still not enough but I know that everything will be okay. My Grandma used to give what little she had to her kids and in return, she always got more back.

I believe in helping others because I had done it in boarding school and college and always got more back than what I’d given away. Mom’s like that too and well, helping others always gives me a happy feeling, like I’ve won a million.

Thanks for this story; it reminded me that our Heavenly Father is always looking out for his children.

~A MountainWings Original by Chantelle Buys, South Africa~

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