What answers are you waiting for?

What don’t you know that you hope God will reveal to you? What have you been asking Jesus to tell you that is still unanswered? What teaching of the Church don’t you understand or agree with? In the Gospel reading (John 16:12-15), Jesus explains that there is more he’d like to tell us but we just can’t handle it yet.

Why aren’t we ready for it? Because we have to first let the Holy Spirit prepare us. We have to let God transform something within us, and until we surrender to that process, the truth is more of a burden than a blessing, which we readily reject.

Everything that Jesus said and did came from the Father through the Holy Spirit. God gave us that same Spirit, that same Wisdom, that same Truth, but the gift is useless unless we submit to the Spirit’s purifying activity.

Of the Trinity, it’s the Father who forgives sins. It’s Jesus who delivers the forgiveness. And it’s the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us and empowers us to go and sin no more.

In the confessional, the priest is the presence of Jesus and the whole Body of Christ (the Church). Absolution is an action of his Holy Spirit, but it’s more than just the removal of guilt; it replaces the sinful vice with the virtue that will help us avoid that vice in the future. The Sacrament of Confession is a direct contact with the Holy Trinity who embraces our repentance and transforms us to increase our holiness.

To receive this grace, we only have to be open to it and interested in cooperating with God. Humility is necessary to be teachable and transformable.

The unanswered questions in our lives become personal revelations when we earnestly seek to do the Father’s will in unity with Jesus while growing in holiness through the in-dwelling presence of his Holy Spirit.

© 2016 by Terry A. Modica

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