#MoralStory: Son’s Graduation Gift

A young man pampered by his rich father always, was going to graduate next week. Few weeks before he saw a very beautiful sports car in a showroom and wanted to get it as graduation gift from his father. He went inside and took details of dealer and car. He gave certain signs to his father so the father would buy exactly just the same car.

Finally graduation day came. His father called him into his study room and ask him to sit. Father got up and brought a small box beautifully wrapped for him. He said to his son how proud he was to have such fine son and how much he loved him.

The young man very happily opened up the box, hoping to see sports car key inside, but what he got was a book. He got very disappointed and angry to see just a book and not keys for his sports car. In anger he raised his voice and said to his father, “I did everything to make you proud, but all you got me just a book??” and stormed out of the house, leaving the gift behind.

Many years passed and the young man never seen his father since the graduation day. The young man became a successful in his career and never to contact his parents anymore until one day he received a telegram about his father has passed away and willed all his possession to him for which he needed to come back home and take care of things left behind by his father.

The young man hated to be back home. When he arrived at his father’s house he went to the study room and remembered the last time he saw his father. There he began to look for things to short.

In one of the drawers he found a box with the wraps opened, the same box which his father had given for his graduation day. Inside the box was the same book he never touched. All his memories came back in a flash. He sat down on the chair and quietly wondering why did his father gave him a book instead of the sports car he obviously signed. The young man opened the small book and after turning few pages he found a key car taped with his father’s written notes next to it,

“Happy graduation day, son. You always make me so proud.”

The young man suddenly burst into tears.

Moral: Many times in life we prejudge people we meet and things we experience in life because they are not packaged as we expect them to be due to this we make drastic choices based on misunderstandings.

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