#ShortNews: Is this still the Catholic Church?

“Is this still the Catholic Church?”: This is the reaction of a young Chinese man to the text we publish below today in full translation, concerning the “formation courses” held in Beijing for the priests of the diocese of Mindong (Fujian) who joined the Patriotic Association.  As already reported Mindong – which was to be the “pilot project” for the Sino-Vatican agreement – was given a new ordinary bishop, Msgr.  Zhan Silu (formerly excommunicated, reconciled by the pope) while the underground bishop Msgr.  Guo Xijin agreed to be demoted to auxiliary bishop at the request of the pontiff.  Despite this, he was never officially recognised by  the government because Beijing requires him to formerly adhere to an “independent” Church.

Many priests – mostly from the underground branch – have not agreed to sign.  However, a few dozen have.  From July 21 to 27, the Party, together with Msgr. Zhan Silu organized an “internship” in Beijing for these men, where Party members, professors, and United Front cadres introduced them to the work of priests who have to carry forward socialism, sinicize the Church, love their country first and  then religion, to develop “an independent, autonomous and democratic Church”.

Click this link below to read translation from the Chinese original of the report of those days, drafted by a member of the Patriotic Association of Fujian, Deng Wenlong; http://www.asianews.it/news-en/In-Beijing,-the-patriotic-formation-of-Mindong-priests.-Is-this-still-the-Catholic-Church-47750.html

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