#ShortNews: 1,000 Catholics march in Hong Kong against extradition law

Faced with the growing tension between the government and civil society due to the infamous extradition law, and after the increasingly violent clashes between law enforcement and groups of protesters, the auxiliary bishop’s proposal emerged during last night’s march of a thousand Catholics held in the streets of the Central district.  Organized by four groups, including Justice and Peace in Hong Kong, the torchlight and smartphone march reached the Court of Appeal.

At the end, Msgr. Ha said: “In the last two months, the city has been in turmoil. We should have a cooling-off period and a ceasefire of at least two or three months, for both sides to sit down and come to an agreement to move society forward”.

In recent months, Msgr.  Joseph Ha was very close to the young people and to the protesters, often leading moments of prayer at the sit-in near the Legco (Hong Kong parliament).  Card John Tong, apostolic administrator of the diocese, and the head of the Protestant churches in the area, Eric So Shing-yit, already in June had supported the two fundamental demands of the anti-extradition movement.

Source: http://www.asianews.it/news-en/-Bishop-Joseph-Ha:-A-three-month-ceasefire-between-police-and-protesters-47714.html

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