#ShortNews: Irish theologian: close churches to safeguard environment

Kevin Hargaden of Dublin’s Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice told this newspaper that instead of being dispersed over a number of churches, parishioners should gather in “larger groups”, creating opportunities for vacant churches to be repurposed for ecological means.

“I think that it’s a good idea for Christian communities that we would gather in larger groups for Mass on Sunday, but the buildings that don’t get used, I think can get repurposed. Again, that’s an opportunity for us to think about how do we make a church fit for the 21 Cenutry mission,” Dr Hargaden told The Irish Catholic.

He added that for a “whole bunch of logistical and operational reasons”, rationalising church buildings is a smart decision, and noted that unused land in parishes can also be rewilded – a process of restoring land to its natural state – to reduce Ireland’s collective carbon footprint.

Source: https://www.irishcatholic.com/reduce-number-of-churches-to-save-planet-eco-theologian/?fbclid=IwAR29zpxozVRfzfNrq3kPYr2RH-IbZtOCOrv18S6BfNsdAHfXt7NicvfJhOs

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