#ShortNews: Terrorists kill six in attack during Mass in Burkina Faso

The attack occurred between 9 and 10 am when the terrorists arrived on board a motorcycle and arrived in Dablo, a village 90 km from Kaya, in the province of Sanmatenga, in the north-central area of Burkina Faso. The armed group immediately attacked the church where Sunday Mass was being celebrated, killing five faithful and the priest. Before escaping, they burned down the church, then shops and a the health center.Attacks against Christian communities are multiplying in Burkina Faso. On April 28, at the end of the celebration in Silgadji, in the province of Soum, a Protestant pastor had been murdered along with five faithful.

In mid-February, a Spanish priest and four customs officers were killed in a jihadist attack in eastern Burkina Faso (see Fides, 16/2/2019), while there is no news of Fr. Joël Yougbaré, parish priest of Djibo, who disappeared in the north of the country on Sunday 17 March (see Fides. 20/3/2019). (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides, 13/5/2019).

Source: http://www.fides.org/en/news/66018-AFRICA_BURKINA_FASO_Today_the_funeral_of_Fr_Simeon_Yampa_and_five_faithful_killed_in_the_attack_during_Sunday_Mass

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