#MoralStory: To It and Through It

I am one of the survivors of the recent hurricane.

As the storm approached, I prayed that God would steer it in another direction because I live in a mobile home as do my parents. But God did not honour that request and set it on a path straight to us.

My father is dying of cancer and could not possibly go to a shelter so we opted to ride out the storm all together in my mobile home.

As the winds blew, I sat and prayed and wondered if God knew what He was doing? He kept firmly in my mind that if He brings me to it, He will surely bring me through it.

The most we suffered was a blown out screen on a porch enclosure. As thousands were without power, we never lost ours which was a TRUE blessing as my father would not have survived the heat.

My mother who was in need of a new roof on her home (but unable to afford it) was blessed (yes blessed) to have a tree come through her roof. Now insurance will provide the new roof.

The moral of this story?

When you think God does not hear, let me assure you that He does
…maybe just not the way you want.

~A MountainWings Original by Beth Dewey~