#ShortNews: Duterte predicts Catholicism will disappear in 25 years

“This Catholic will disappear. In almost 25 years, it will disappear. No more, people will forget it.”

Duterte said this will be the result of the church’s alleged malpractices and a string of sexual abuse allegations it faces.

Read full article here; http://cnnphilippines.com/news/2019/02/25/Catholicism-25-years-disappear-Rodrigo-Duterte.html?fbclid=IwAR37jeD-EUrL2uxjc7pNE9OdhfXIEKUy0Lh6P1ye_kmr2GI3PkhBe4ONIdA

#ShortNews: Church must be safe place for minors, Pope tells pilgrims

After praying the noonday Angelus with the crowd of pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square on February 24, 2019, Pope Francis reflected on the just-concluded abuse summit on The Protection of Minors in the Church, held February 21-24, at the Vatican.

The Holy Father stressed the importance of handling the crisis in a collegial manner, having Church leaders from around the world address the issue. As a result of the meeting, he said there is a greater understanding of the responsibility of the entire Church to eradicate abuse.

Read full article here: https://zenit.org/articles/pope-francis-at-angelus-church-must-be-safe-place-for-minors/

#ShortNews: Faithful Should Consume Less Meat This Lent

“This Lent, we invite you to go beyond fasting from meat on Fridays. Add one more day of plant-based meals to your table or strive to eat plant-based meals throughout the Lenten season. Together, our acts of solidarity add up to better protection for our vulnerable brothers and sisters,” said The Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM).

The GCCM said, poultry farming amounts to about 0.55 pounds of Carbon Dioxide, hog raising to 1.90 pounds of Carbon Dioxide, while cattle farming amounts to 7.40 pounds of Carbon Dioxide, which is equivalent to the emission released by a vehicle that has run 9.81 miles.

“That is why we are appealing to the faithful to shift to a plant-based diet or to lessen their meat consumption,” the GCCM said. Roman Catholics will observe the 40-day Lenten season starting on Ash Wednesday, March 6.

Source: https://news.mb.com.ph/2019/02/22/catholic-group-urges-faithful-to-consume-less-meat-this-lent/