30 Things the Blood of Jesus Does

By Kristi Winkler

The blood of Jesus has the power to release the grip of the great curse, the ramifications for that are immeasurable. I have provided a list below, along with a single verse for each item, to get you started on your journey through the richness of each glorious truth.

1. My debt is paid, once and for all
“So Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many. To those who eagerly wait for Him He will appear a second time, apart from sin, for salvation.” (Hebrews 9:28)

2. I am justified
“Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him. “ (Romans 5:9)

3. I am forgiven
“In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace” (Ephesians 1:7)

4. I am spared from God’s wrath
“Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him. “ (Romans 5:9)

5. I am being spiritually healed; one day even my flesh will be replaced with an incorruptible body
“…who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sin, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed.” (I Peter 2:24)Read More »

Fourth Week of Lent 2019

Daily Lent Prayer
“Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall declare your praise.”

O God, who through your word
reconcile the human race to yourself in a wonderful way,
grant, we pray,
that with prompt devotion and eager faith the Christian people may hasten
toward the solemn celebrations to come.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. *

The Readings
Joshua 5:9A, 10-12; Psalms 34:2-3, 4-5, 6-7; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21; Luke 15:1-3, 11-32

(For the Scrutinies Mass, use these readings from Cycle A)

Daily Meditation:

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#MoralStory: Always Trust God When You Pray

A woman was at work when she received a phone call that her little daughter was very sick with a fever. She left her work and stopped by the pharmacy to get some medication. She got back to her car and found that she had locked her keys in the car. She didn’t know what to do, so she called home and told the baby sitter what had happened.

The baby sitter told her that the fever was getting worse. She said, “You might find a coat hanger and use that to open the door.”

The woman looked around and found an old rusty coat hanger that had been left on the ground, possibly by someone else who at some time had locked their keys in their car. She looked at the hanger and said, “I don’t know how to use this.”

She prayed to God and asked Him to send her help.

Within five minutes a beat up old motorcycle pulled up, with a dirty, greasy, bearded man who was wearing an old biker skull rag on his head.

The woman thought, “This is what you sent to help me?” But, she was desperate, so…. she just kept quiet.

The man got off of his cycle and asked if he could help.

She said, “Yes, my daughter is very sick. I stopped to get her some medication and I locked my keys in my car. I must get home to her. Please, can you use this hanger to unlock my car?”

He said, “Sure.” He walked over to the car, and in less than a minute the car was opened.Read More »

Nothing but the Blood


What can wash away my sin?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
What can make me whole again?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Oh! Precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow;
No other fount I know,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Nothing can for sin atone,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
Naught of good that I have done,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

This is all my hope and peace,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
This is all my righteousness,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Glory! Glory! This I sing—
Nothing but the blood of Jesus,
All my praise for this I bring—
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

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#ShortNews: the 8 Causes of Sainthood

On 19 March 2019, the Holy Father Francis received in audience His Eminence Cardinal Angelo Becciu, prefect of the Congregation of the Causes of Saints. During the audience, the Supreme Pontiff authorized the same Congregation to promulgate the Decrees regarding:

– the miracle attributed to the intercession of the Venerable Servant of God Maria Emilia Riquelme y Zayas, founder of the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Most Blessed Sacrament and Mary Immaculate; born in Granada, Spain on 5 August 1847 and died there on 10 December 1940;

– the martyrdom of Servants of God Valeriu Traian Frenţiu, Vasile Aftenie, Ioan Suciu, Titu Liviu Chinezu, Ioan Bălan, Alexandru Rusu and Iuliu Hossu, bishops, killed in hatred of the faith in various locations in Romania between 1950 and 1970;

– the martyrdom of the Servant of God Alfredo Cremonesi, professed priest of the Pontifical Institute for the Foreign Missions; born in Ripalta Guerina, Italy, on 16 May 1902 and killed in hatred of the faith in the village of Donoku, Myanmar, on 7 February 1953;

– the heroic virtues of the Servant of God Francesco Maria Di Francia, diocesan priest, founder of the Congregation of the Capuchin Sisters of the Sacred Heart; born in Messina, Italy, on 19 February 1853 and died in Roccalumera, Italy, on 22 December 1913;

– the heroic virtues of the Servant of God Maria Hueber, founder of the Congregation of the Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis; born in Bressanone, now Italy, on 22 Mary 1653 and died there on 31 July 1705;

– the heroic virtues of the Servant of God Maria Teresa Camera, founder of the Congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of Pietà; born in Ovada, Italy, on 8 October 1818 and died there on 24 March 1894;

– the heroic virtues of the Servant of God Maria Teresa Gabrieli, co-founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Poor – Palazzolo Institute; born in Bergamo, Italy, on 13 September 1837 and died there on 6 February 1908;

– the heroic virtues of the Servant of God Giovanna Francesca of the Holy Spirit (née Luisa Ferrari), founder of the Institute of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Incarnate Word; born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, on 14 September 1888 and died in Fiesole, Italy, on 21 December 1984.

Source: http://press.vatican.va/content/salastampa/en/bollettino/pubblico/2019/03/19/190319c.html

#ShortNews: Anti-Catholic climate worsens in France

The report follows growing concern over anti-clerical incidents in France, where Catholics nominally make up around 54 percent of the population of 67 million, according to surveys, but with only a small proportion attending Mass.

Catholic Church leaders have repeatedly urged better protection of Christian beliefs and practices across Europe amid complaints of prejudice and hostility, which are also monitored by the 54-country Organisation on Security and Co-operation in Europe. In a January resolution, the European Parliament called on European Union institutions to “step up their commitment to religious freedom” by enhancing security for faith communities.

Source: https://www.thetablet.co.uk/news/11475/anti-catholic-climate-worsens-in-france-