#ShortNews: 170 students kidnapped from Catholic school in Cameroon, released 1 day later

A new mass abduction of students from a school in the English-speaking area of Cameroon, carried out by guerrillas demanding independence from the rest of the country. On 16 February 2019, unidentified gunmen came into the campus of Saint Augustine’s College, in the northwest region, shortly after 6 a.m., and abducted some members of the College Community. They took along 170 students, 2 college security guards, one teacher and three of his children.

The abductees were released sometime in the afternoon of Sunday 17 February 2019. Shortly after that, they assembled in the main mission station of St Paul’s Parish, Kikaikom. From there, they were conveyed by the authorities of the Diocese of Kumbo, back to the college Campus. Following the serious episode, the school was temporarily closed.

Read full article: http://www.fides.org/en/news/65597-AFRICA_CAMEROON_170_students_of_the_Catholic_school_of_Kumbo_kidnapped_and_then_freed_by_English_speaking_secessionists

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