The Faith That Produces Joy

In Gospel reading (Luke 1:26-38; Luke 1:39-4), we see Elizabeth and her unborn son, John, joyfully reacting to the nearness of the unborn Christ. Since Jesus wasn’t visibly saving the world yet, how could this happen?

We can safely guess that Elizabeth was already feeling joyful, since after many infertile years she had become pregnant and, increasing her joy, she knew that she carried a son who was destined to be very special for the kingdom of God. And I’m sure she was happy to see her delightful relative, Mary.

Yet, surely Elizabeth’s joy was tested by the difficulties of being pregnant at an old age and even the normal problems of everyday life. How come she didn’t greet Mary with complaints about the extra weight that was making her back ache or about her husband’s sin that had struck him dumb?

The scripture doesn’t say that Elizabeth was filled with “joy” but that she was filled with the Holy Spirit. Her joy, which was evidenced in the greeting she gave to Mary, was a fruit of the Spirit, nourished by faith.

How much joy do you have? If the answer is “not enough”, why? You have the presence of God’s Spirit within you. How much faith in the Holy Spirit’s love do you really have?Read More »