#ShortNews: Chinese bishop and priests released for lunar new year

A bishop and two priests of the underground community of Hebei province in northern China who had been detained last year were able to go home for the Lunar New Year. They were Coadjutor Bishop Cui Tai, Father Su Guipeng and Father Zhao He of Xuanhua Diocese.

A source named John told ucanews.com that the bishop was allowed to go home on Jan. 24 to visit his elderly sister for the Lunar New Year but was banned from management of religious activities.
Another source, Peter, told ucanews.com that the government had allowed the bishop and priests to stay at home for the Lunar New Year but they must not organize or participate in any religious activities and be contactable by authorities at all times.

“As for what happens after Lunar New Year, it is very likely that they will be house arrested again,” Peter said.

Source: https://www.ucanews.com/news/chinese-bishop-and-priests-released-for-lunar-new-year/84473

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