#ShortNews: Chicago archdiocese could close 100 churches in massive reconfiguration

A radical overhaul in the nation’s third-largest Roman Catholic archdiocese could shutter many of the Chicago church’s houses of worship by 2030 as it reckons with decaying buildings and an expected shortage of priests, the church’s chief operating officer confirmed Friday.

Based primarily on those projections and on future capital needs, the priests who attended the meetings say as many as 100 churches could close over the next 14 years. No cost-saving target has been announced for this plan, but Chief Operating Officer Betsy Bohlen says the initiative is less about economics and more about fortifying the church’s mission.

While about a quarter of the 351 parishes in the archdiocese now receive financial aid, the archdiocese will weigh three additional factors when assessing the sustainability of parishes: capital needs, pastor availability and mission vitality.

Read full story: https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-archdiocese-parish-reorganization-met-20160205-story.html

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