#ShortNews: Another Catholic parish demolished in China

Another officially registered Catholic church was destroyed because it hindered urban projects. About a month ago, again in the district of Licheng, on the outskirts of Jinan, the church of Liangwang had been destroyed for the same reasons, on midday of August 13th.

The next day, around 70 community members, including two priests and one nun, demonstrated in front of the city government headquarters (photo 2). Under a violent rain, they carried banners and signs with phrases: “Give me back my church; give me back my heart!” and “We condemn the demolition of the church and ask the authorities for a reasonable explanation!”

According to local sources, the parish priest of the destroyed church, Fr. Wang Junbao, was able to speak with the authorities of Licheng who promised to find a new space to rebuild the church, even if “it will take a long time”.

Read full story: http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Second-Shandong-Church-demolished-‘for-urban-reasons’-%28Photo-and-Video%29-44666.html

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