What Do You Need Multiplied?

In what ways do you feel inadequate? Often, we say no to getting involved in a ministry, or we stop short of reaching out to someone who has special needs, or we hold back from sharing our faith with a co-worker who’s struggling – and why do we do this? That’s because we feel inadequate. We feel like we don’t have enough of what it takes to do the task well. Well, God has good news for you!

Which of the following fits you?

I don’t sing well enough to join the choir.
I’m not a good public speaker, so I know I can’t serve as a reader at Mass.
I’m not as self-confident as my boss is, so I can’t suggest a better way of doing business.
I’m poor at making casual conversation, so I won’t visit that person who’s in the hospital.
I’m not a good organizer, so let someone else be in charge of that program.
I don’t have enough time to pray for all those people who need prayers.
I don’t make enough income to give more in the collection basket.

This is good! These are your loaves and fish. God is generous, and we see proof of this in the Gospel reading (Mark 6:34-44). If you want proof of his miracle power in your own life, give him your insufficiencies!

We always need more — much more of what God can give us. By ourselves, we never have enough of what’s required to successfully serve God and the people and the church that he has placed in our lives. It’s part of his plan! It makes us rely on God. He wants to give us whatever we need so that we can be his instruments continuing the ministry of Christ on earth today.

If you become aware of something that needs to get done and no one else is doing it, and you have even just a little bit of talent or training or knowledge or funding to improve it, then God is calling your attention to it because he wants you to do something. He doesn’t care if you don’t have enough of what it takes to do it successfully, because he knows he can multiply the little you do have and make it become more than enough.

How does he do this? How does your teeny weeny itty bitty bit of talent or skill or time or money become more than enough to get the job done? God makes you his partner! He doesn’t want you to do anything by yourself and with just your own abilities. He is in you by the power of your Baptism, and whatever you do, he does it with you. He blesses your efforts, just as Jesus blessed the five loaves and two fish.

And that’s the key to abundant success. If you let Jesus take the little that you have and bless it and use it, you will discover that God is still very good at multiplying.

© 2016 by Terry A. Modica

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