#ShortNews: Protestants arrested for ‘forced conversions’ in India

The complaint started with the father of a young tribal ethnic Sarna who wanted to marry a Christian. The girl, the future husband and two Christians allegedly tried convert even the elderly father. The anti-conversion law provides for severe penalties for those who force the conversion of minors and tribals.

The leader of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) reports that this rule “is a means of intimidating and harassing the vulnerable Christian community. Furthermore, a worrying trend has emerged in the Chotanagpur area: there are biased interests that want to divide the tribal population, pitting the Sarna tribes against other indigenous groups”.

According to Sumaru, his daughter’s future spouse – of Christian religion – would have convinced her to embrace her faith in Christ before marriage. In view of the wedding, the two young men would try to convince their father too, with the complicity of the pastor and the other woman. Sajan K George complains that “the diatribe broke out on the wedding day, when Sumaru thought that the wedding ceremony should be carried out according to the Sarna tradition”.

Read full story: http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Jharkhand,-four-Evangelicals-arrested-for-‘forced-conversions’-44173.html

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