#ShortNews: Vatican blocks German bishops’ proposal for intercommunion

A majority of the German bishops had endorsed the proposal, which would have allowed Protestant spouses to receive the Eucharist more routinely. (Current Church discipline allows for intercommunion only under unusual circumstances on in cases of “impending grave necessity.”) But a substantial minority had protested and appealed to the Vatican for clarification.

In his May 25 latter Archbishop Ladaria (who will be elevated to the college of cardinals later this month) explained that the German bishops should not adopt their own policy because the issue of intercommunion “touches upon the faith of the Church and is relevant for the universal Church.” For now, he wrote, it “appears opportune to leave to the diocesan bishop the judgment on the existence of a ‘grave and urgent necessity’” that would allow for a Protestant to receive Communion.

Archbishop Ladaria closed his letter by stressing the desire of Pope Francis that the German bishops would maintain “the spirit of episcopal collegiality.”

Read more: https://www.wsj.com/articles/vatican-blocks-german-plan-to-expand-communion-1528117103

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