#ShortNews: Joint Catholic-Orthodox church to be built in Ukraine

His Beatitude Sviatoslav believes that the special event celebrated last month has a very deep symbol – the beginning of true unity. This is the unity of the two communities – the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Poltava, who jointly start building their temple, because they striving for the unity, the basis of which is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

“We want these two walls of Ukrainian Christianity in the Kyiv tradition to finally find the point of support and the place of unity that is so needed today for Christians in Ukraine. There is no other foundation of unity, there is no other cornerstone for the construction of a single local Ukrainian Church in Kyiv but Christ the Savior. And there is no other way to this unity but joint labor, common prayer, and in this case, the construction of a common temple.”

Read more: http://news.ugcc.ua/en/photo/the_head_of_the_ugcc_consecrated_in_poltava_a_cornerstone_for_a_joint_autocephalous_and_greek_catholic_temple_82852.html

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