#ShortNews: 60,000 Catholic migrants, refugees live in Israel

It is about 60,000 faithful, half of whom are from the Philippines. The other communities are Indians, Sri Lankans and Eritreans. Other communities are also present but in smaller numbers: French-speaking Africans, Romanians and Poles.

Migrants are people who, for the most part, have fled difficult economic situations in their home country and have come for work in Israel. Asylum seekers have fled war or dictatorship and currently have no confidence in their future in Israel.

But despite these really difficult living conditions, like everyone else, they have a life of faith, they get married and some have children. And it is the mission of the Church to accompany them where they are and with what they are.

Read more: https://www.lpj.org/fr-rafic-nahra-personal-parish-will-help-us-better-support-life-faith-migrants-asylum-seekers/

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