#ShortNews: Boom in religious vocations from Catholic homeschoolers

Across the country, a noticeable trend is on the rise. Data indicates young men with a homeschool background are four-times more likely to enter seminaries than those educated in Catholic institutions.

Compare survey data against the estimated 100,000 Catholic homeschool students to the 2 million educated in Catholic schools. “The evidence is highly encouraging. Going forward, the impact could be enormous,” said Draper Warren.

What exactly are motivating factors for discerning the vocation of the priesthood? Most certainly, the Holy Spirit, more than likely, the support and encouragement of families and parish priests, and, of course, vibrant homeschool communities. But could traditional Catholic homeschool programs influence seminarian enrollment?

Read More: http://www.setonmagazine.com/catholic/boom-in-religious-vocations-from-catholic-homeschoolers

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