#MoralStory: Rosary Saved A Child’s Life

I am a 40 year old who recently married and renewed Catholic faith through my wife. She taught me how to properly say the Rosary and Novena.

My neice Christie, a neice who I had dismissed from the family after she moved to L.A, had 2 children with a man who went to jail for murder in Texas. That was 14 years ago. June 2010 Christie notified the extended family that her 9 year old daughter had received a most horrible diagnosis. She had noticed a lump in the neck of her daughter, sought medical attention, it was on the MRI that the radiologist diagnosed the lump to be angiosarcoma (a very aggressive cancer). I immediately texted her (Christie) and told her to be strong, her daughter needed to know she was in control.

Our research on the net found that this type of tumor was very brittle and spreads very easily, I found only 7 cases or so documented in children (most under the age of 2). In these cases the tumor was unusually aggresive (compared to adult versions). Only 7% survived after 5 years. Even worse the tumor was attached to the carotid artery (bloodflow in the direction of the brain would allow easy spread there, the child would loose her mind) and attached to the jugular vein (which would provide conduit for spread to the rest of the body).

I am from a family of 9 siblings, 3 are physicians, they all agreed that this tumor was grave. The child was transfered
to Loma Linda University for immediate attention where a surgeon and oncologist confirmed concern for angiosarcoma.

I prayed a Rosary every day, often with tears. I emailed or texted the enlightenment I received in meditation to Christie. She responded every time. She was my neice who I helped raise when she was 3, her mother returned home to Mom and Dad when her and her husband experienced financial difficulty. I learned the mysteries and the spiritual fruits, I prayed Rosary after Rosary. I’m sure my sibling did as well.

The day of surgery came , there was no spread of the cancer, we all awaited Christie’s news that she and her daughter did okay with the surgery, to provide her support. It was 10pm midwest time, still no word. I called Christie. She answered from her cell phone, she said she was on her way home, her daughter was with her. She said the doctor reported quite unexpectedly the tumor was now a blood clot that had been encased in bone and enamel, harded like teeth. He said there had been only 2 reported incidents of this in history.

When she told me this news I wept immediately, I never expected a miracle, never considered it, but knew immediately one had been provided by the most Holy Loving Father. Christie gave her daughter at birth the name of FAITH. She loves to dance and sing for people.

Anyone who reads MUST know this is a true story. Whatever your sins or problem God is with you.

by Oscar (Missouri)



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