#MoralStory: “God If You’re here, please open this door!”

It was Sunday morning and I was almost ready for the church. I had to conduct the choir for Bach’s song, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring. For someone who can’t play any instrument and never learned musical notation, I found this song is very challenging. But I did practice with the choir group since 3 weeks ago and I listened to it from youtube everyday. I even practiced it early this morning too.

As I was almost ready for the church, I saw my phone was lying on the bed still charging 89%, so I thought to wait for another 1 more percent. I left my bag next to my phone so I didn’t forget to put it inside before I walked out from the house, then I walked to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. I slammed my bedroom door slowly.

In a split second, I noticed the door was locked from the inside! My keys, my phone, and everything was in my bag, on the bed next to my phone! I was locked in the living room! I looked around, and told myself that this must be a dream!

It can’t be happening, right? Lord Jesus, you know I supposed to go to church! You know I’ve been practicing this song everyday! You know the choir was expecting me to attend the Mass and conduct for that special song! I need to go to church! God if you’re here, please open this door! It can’t be happening now!!

I cried, I screamed, I was frantically worried what will happened to me! I couldn’t ask help from the security guard since the front door key was also inside the bag… I couldn’t call for a help since the phone also locked in the bedroom. I tried to use the other bedroom’s key, but it didn’t work. I also tried unlock it with bobby pins like I saw on tv, but obviously it didn’t work as well. I wonder how MacGyver did it.

I fell down on my knees. I had panick attack several times. I couldn’t imagine if I had to wait until Monday, until someone in the office notice me and maybe HR would try to come visit my condo. I prayed, but it didn’t work. I tried to solve it myself, but it didn’t work, screamed and hit myself to the door obviously didn’t move the door at all. I was really in despair when after cried like a little child, I finally asked God tell me what should I do now?

The last thing I haven’t tried was asking someone for a help. I remember I sometimes saw my neighbor from the kitchen window, so I run to the kitchen and yes I saw her! I waved at her several times until she noticed me. Then I signed her to go to the front door. At the front door, she and her husband approached me and I asked them to call a locksmith.

A locksmith came less than 1 hour later. After almost 30 minutes he struggled with the door, finally the door was swung opened. It was  11:40AM by then, the Mass was already ended. The first thing I did was text my choir group, apologized to them and explained what happened.

I was at that point where I prayed really hard and God didn’t help me, and thought He was obviously abandoned me, but one of the choir member reminded me how God was with me all the time because it was Sunday and usually there was no locksmith working on Sunday. This hit me really hard. When I thought I was all alone in this world and questioning God’s existence, apparently I was wrong. It IS wrong. God is always here. And God opened the door, even it was on Sunday.



Update: The fact that my neighbor was around, was also another sign that God never abandoned me. Few days later after this incident happened, I still couldn’t imagine what if I had to wait until Monday for someone to come and help me. What if instead of locked in the livingroom with free access for water and food and to the bathroom, I was locked in the bedroom with no water no food no bathroom! ~ MPS.






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