#ShortNews: Denmark repeals 1683 law against blasphemy

The Danish parliament has repealed the nation’s 1683 against blasphemy.

“Religion should not dictate what is allowed and what is forbidden to say publicly,” said a lawmaker who sponsored the repeal. “It gives religion a totally unfair priority in society.”

Prosecutions under the blasphemy law have been rare, but a 42-year-old man was about to go on trial for posting a video of himself burning the Quran.


#ShortNews: Mass desecration of Christian graves in Kosovo city

90% of graves in a Serbian Orthodox cemetery in Kosovo have been desecrated, according to Serbian media reports.

The incident took place in Mitrovica, a city whose Serbian and Albanian Muslim communities have been deeply divided since the Kosovo War (1998-99).

Serbs are permitted to make only one yearly visit to the old Orthodox cemetery in what is now the Albanian section of Mitrovica. During their recent visit, they discovered the mass destruction of headstones.


#ShortNews: 1,700 Bibles sent to Lampedusa

The ecumenical Italian Biblical Association has sent 1,700 French and English-language Bibles to Lampedusa, the small Italian island that has become the initial destination of thousands of migrants fleeing from Africa across the Mediterranean Sea.

Father Carmelo La Magra, the pastor of the island’s parish, asked for the Bibles following numerous requests from refugees who are Christian.