His Sheep Am I


In God’s green pastures feeding by His cool waters lie
Soft in the evening walk my Lord and I
All the sheep of his pastures fare so wondrously fine
His sheep am I

Waters cool (in the valley)
Pastures green (on the mountain)
In the eve (in the eve)-ning walk my Lord and I
Dark the night (in the valley)
Rough the way (on the mountain)
Step by step (step by step) my Lord and I

Through the streets of the city in the darkness of night
Far from the fold he heard my lonely cry
Now I sit at His table in a palace of light
His sheep am I (chorus)

Yes the Lord is my shepherd and no want shall I know
He’ll guide and comfort me where ‘er I go
On the mount, in the valley, by His hand He shall lead
His sheep am I (chorus)