#ShortNews: Australian state rejects bid to decriminalize abortion

Lawmakers in New South Wales have defeated a bid to liberalize the Australian state’s abortion law.

The proposed legislation, similar to laws that already stand in other Australian jurisdictions, would have decriminalized abortion. It would also have set up “exclusion zones” around abortion clinics, denying access to pro-life counselors.

Abortion is legal in New South Wales today only when the mother’s health is judged to be in danger. Proponents of a more liberal policy said that they would continue to press for change.


#ShortNews: Jordan’s King Abdullah vows to protect Christian minority

Jordan’s King Abdullah II reaffirmed his determination to protect his country’s Christian minority, during a May 2 meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

In his discussions with Dr. Justin Welby, King Abdullah called attention to what he characterized as a harmonious relationship between Muslims and Christians in his country. He said that he sees his role as that of a “protector” of Christians.


#ShortNews: Religious sisters in US come from at least 83 nations

A study on the 4,000 international religious sisters serving in the United States was presented in Rome at a meeting of the International Union of Superiors General.

The study, conducted by Trinity Washington University and the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, found that sisters from at least 83 countries are serving in the United States and that they arrived, on average, at age 30.

One-third come from Asia, 28% from Europe, 27% from elsewhere in the Americas, and 10% from Africa. Approximately 60% entered religious life before coming to the United States.