#ShortNews: 7 Spanish martyrs beatified

Father Antonio Arribas Hortigüela, MSC (1908-36) and six companions, martyred in Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War, were beatified at the cathedral in Girona on May 6.

Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of Congregation for the Causes of Saints, presided at the Mass of beatification of the seven Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The seven were associated with a seminary and were martyred on September 29, 1936. The names of the six companions are Abundio Martín Rodríguez, José Vergara Echevarría, José-Oriol Isern Massó, Gumersino Gómez Rodríguez, Jesús Moreno Ruíz, and José del Amo y del Amo.

“These faithful and heroic disciples of Jesus were killed out of hatred for the faith at a time of religious persecution,” Pope Francis said on May 7 following his Regina Coeli address. “May their martyrdom, accepted out of love for God and fidelity to their vocation, awaken in the Church the desire to witness with fortitude to the Gospel of charity.”


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