#ShortNews: Church doctrines ‘no longer make sense,’ says dissident Irish priest

A dissident Irish priest has proclaimed that Catholic doctrines “no longer make sense to the modern mind.”

Father Tony Flannery, who was silenced by the Vatican in 2012 because of his public statements in opposition to established doctrines, said that Church teachings are routinely ignored or rejected even by practicing Catholics, because the Church has not adapted to modern times.

In January, Father Flannery—who is a founder of the Association of Catholic Priests—defied the Vatican’s directives by celebrating Mass and preaching in public. He said that he was not worried about further disciplinary action, because, “I am very much in tune with Pope Francis.”


#ShortNews: Report: persecution of Christians in China rose in 2016

As it pursued a policy of “Sinicization” of churches, the Chinese government’s persecution of Christians increased in 2016, according to a report recently published by the China Aid Association.

The report found that the number of Christians detained rose from at least 19,426 in 2015 to at least 48,100 in 2016. In addition, “there were 278 abuse cases, including physical, verbal, mental abuse and torture—42.6% more than in 2015.”


#ShortNews: Bishop: ‘South Sudan is collapsing’

Bishop Erkolano Lodu Tombe of Yei, president of Caritas South Sudan, warned that the humanitarian situation in the war-torn nation is increasingly dire.

“We need food to save people from starvation, as well as medicine,” he said. “Civilians are attacked wherever they are—in their homes and when they go out in search of food.”

“When they want to go and harvest their crops they can be considered rebels or sympathizers and eliminated,” he added. “Civilians are dying and people are disappearing.”