#MoralStory: Five Fighting Fingers

The five fingers on a hand had a heated argument one day. Each finger argued that he was the most important member of their family.

The thumb finger started his claim: “I am absolutely essential for eating, writing and for grasping any object by the hand. Moreover, holding the thumb up is a universal symbol of victory. I am sucked by babies and then I shower motherly affection and consolation on them.”

The index (fore) finger was the next to speak. He argued, “I am essential to point to any object and to accuse a person. Speakers use me to express ideas emphatically and to point at people with power. I am raised above all of you to indicate that a thing is the first and the best.”

The middle finger asserted, “I am definitely the longest among us and so I am the natural leader of this family. I have the maximum dignity and I always have two of you to guard me on either side. You cannot question my status or stature.”

The ring finger said, “I am the symbol of love, romance, marriage and family life. I am decorated with a golden ring during engagement and marriage, the greatest and most memorable moments of one’s life. I shine among you like a king wearing a royal, golden crown.”

The little finger was waiting for his chance. He said, “I am the smallest, but I am not the least or the last. As the baby of the family, I deserve special care and consideration. Undoubtedly I am the most beautiful finger with a lovely tenderness and a lively grace. When the hands are folded during a prayer or expression of respect, I stay in front of all of you as the leader. Obviously, I am the greatest.”

The arguments continued and they were about to start a physical fight, when the owner of the hand intervened to make peace. He convinced them that each finger was equally important. He told them, “Each of you is essential to me. Each of you is helpless and useless without the assistance of the others. God created you differently but when you act together, you can achieve what is impossible individually. No one is weak or unimportant. Each one has unique abilities and importance. We can achieve victory only by a collective effort, close cooperation and team-work.\

For example, when you act in harmony, you can operate different tools and equipment, make novel and wonderful articles, construct objects and buildings, create artistic works of great beauty, play musical instruments and help others who need your assistance.”

The enlightened fingers promised that they would remain in harmony and cooperate to help others.

St. Paul emphasises the importance of different organs in the human body and of individuals in the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ {1 Corinthians 12: 12-31}.

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