The Catholic Blessing of Tossing Yu Sheng

This was written by Fr Alex and all credits go to him in taking time to write this for people who celebrate Chinese New Year as a community the previous week. Here is how it goes:

“In the name of Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

Raw Fish: That we be reminded that Christ has called all of us, his disciples, to be fishers of men, sharing his good news with everyone.

Pepper & Cinnamon: May these spices remind us of the frankincense and myrrh that the wise magi brought to give to baby Jesus- that we must always give the best of ourselves to God, and not what is leftover.

Lime Juice: This juice that we squeeze from the fruit of the lime tree reminds us that Christ has commissioned us to go out and bear much fruit, fruit that will last.

Oil: To remind us that we have been baptized and confirmed with the sacred Oil of Chrism, so that we will always remember to carry out our roles as priests, prophets and kinds- our sacred duties which we share with Christ, the Anointed One.

Plum Sauce: Let us always savour the sweetness and goodness of our Lord, as the Psalmist said: “O taste and see, how good the Lord is.”

And finally the Crackers: These crackers that will be broken, remind us that as an Eucharistic people, we must be like Christ- bread broken for others.

“Bless all of us, O Lord, our family and friends near and far, our daily work and studies, our ministries and service, the poor and hungry, our health and well-being, our choices and decisions, in this new year, that all maybe according to your holy will, and not what we desire for ourselves because of our human greed and money-mindedness. We make this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, your son, through the power of our Holy Spirit, and with the intercession of Mary our Blessed Mother. Amen. “