#ShortNews: Pope, in TV interview, calls abortion ‘very grave sin,’ ‘horrendous crime’

In an interview with the Italian bishops’ radio and television stations, Pope Francis looked back upon the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, including his “Mercy Friday” visits.

Commenting on his visit to a neonatal unit, he described abortion as a “very grave sin” and “horrendous crime.”

Lamenting indifference to those in need, and describing money as “the greatest enemy of God,” the Pope also spoke of his desire for a “poor Church for the poor,” in accord with Matthew 25.

Reiterating his opposition to capital punishment, Pope Francis said that prison should be, like Purgatory, a place with hope, one whose aim is reintegration into society.

In response to other questions, the Pope said he dislikes flatterers more than detractors and said he faces temptations to “impatience, selfishness, then a little laziness,” and that such temptations accompany us until our final moments.


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