#MiniBulletin : Pope Francis: A true Christian Has to Endure Humiliations with Joy and Patience

Pope Francis said on Friday the proof of whether we are true Christians is shown by our ability to endure humiliations with joy and patience. Speaking at his morning mass in the Vatican’s Santa Marta guesthouse, the Pope stressed this need for sacrifice in the Christian’s life of faith.

In his homily at the mass, the Pope began with the Gospel account from St. Luke where Jesus asked his disciples who they thought he was to illustrate his reflections on what is demanded of a Christian who follows the Lord. It was after this question and Peter’s correct answer, the Pope continued, that Jesus revealed to the disciples his Passion, his death and his resurrection and he recalled Peter’s horrified reaction to this news in the gospel account from St. Matthew. He said “Peter was frightened and scandalized just like many Christians” who declare “this will never happen to you, I will follow you up to this point.”

Pope Francis said “this is the temptation of a spiritual wellbeing.” Like the young rich man in the gospel “who wanted to follow Jesus but only up to a certain point.” He said “the scandal of the Cross continues to block many Christians” who rather than following this path of the Cross complain about the wrongs and insults they’ve had to ensure.

The Pope said “the proof if somebody is a true Christian is his or her ability to endure humiliations with joy and patience.” This, he concluded, is our choice, “whether to be a Christian of wellbeing or a Christian close to Jesus” who walks along the path of the Cross.

–taken from en.radiovaticana.ca–

#MiniBulletin : Philippine bishops emphasize: Pope has not changed Catholic teaching

Philippine Catholic leaders are standing firm against contraception, abortion and homosexual marriage despite Pope Francis’ comments urging a change of tone on those issues, the national Church said yesterday.

About 80 per cent of the Philippines’ 100 million population are Catholics, making the country the bastion of the faith in Asia, and Church leaders insisted that its dogma would remain in place. In an interview published last week, the Argentine pontiff urged a break with the Church’s harsh ‘obsession’ with divorce, gays, contraception and abortion.

“He is not saying that what the Church deemed before as wrong is now right. He is merely telling us to be more compassionate,” Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines president Jose Palma said in reaction to the recent papal statement.

“He won’t be saying contraceptives, and even abortion, are now okay. No! Do not expect that to happen,” Archbishop.

Archbishop Socrates Villegas, the vice president of the bishops’ group, said: “He (the pope) did not rebuff the strong opposition to contraception, abortion or homosexual marriage. He just set it on proper grounding.”

–taken from theborneopost.com–

#MiniBulletin : Pope Urges Faithful to Protect Church Unity

At his general audience on Wednesday, September 25, Pope Francis spoke on the importance of unity in the Church.

“Wherever we go, even in the smallest parish, in the furthest corners of this earth, there is the one Church; we are at home, we are with our family, we are brothers and sisters,” the Pope said. He likened the Church to a family: “the members may be far away, spread around the world, but the strong bonds that unite us all hold firm regardless of the distance.”

The Pope challenged the faithful to ask themselves whether they serve that Church unity, or undermine it. He criticized “those who would ‘privatize’ the Church for their own group, their own nation, their own friends.” The impulse to divide the Church, he said, reflects a “form of selfishness that indicates a lack of faith.”

In the life of the Church, the Pope observed, “at times there arise misunderstandings, conflicts, tensions and divisions, which cause harm and then the Church does not have the face we would like, she does not manifest her charity, as God would want.” Tragically, he said, “We create those lacerations!” He encouraged Catholics to consider the damage done by the divisions among Christians, and the enormous amount of work necessary to overcome those divisions. “God gives us unity,” he said; but men’s failings create divisions.

The Pope asked the faithful to practice humility and charity in order to protect the unity within the Church—a “unity in diversity, which is harmony.”

–taken from catholicculture.org–

Catholic Church at the City District Singapore

and so i’ve been to :

1. Novena Church

2. Cathedral of The Good Shepherd

3. Church of Our Lady of Lourdes

4. Church of St. Michael

5. Church of St. Bernadette

6. Church of St. Teresa

7. Church of the Sacred Heart

8. St. Joseph Church (victoria street)

9. Church of Sts. Peter & Paul

there goes all the catholic church in the city district! :”D next sunday i will start my #LittlePilgrimage to explore the serangoon district! ;D

what a wonderful adventure so far,, i wonder how sad it will be after i finished this little pilgrimage. (“:

#LittlePilgrimage 09. Church of Saints Peter & Paul

so i have this weird idea of doing a mission : go and have mass on each and every catholic church in singapore. it means i’ll go to different churches every week, having a mass there, enjoy the peaceful moment to pray, then go home. this mission i called #LittlePilgrimage Mission.

#LittlePilgrimage 09. Church of Saints Peter & Paul, 225A Queen Street, Singapore 188551

09. Church of Sts.Peter&Paul01 - Copy

little pilgrimage for today was Church of Saints Peter & Paul. Another 09. Church of Sts.Peter&Paul06 - Copy 09. Church of Sts.Peter&Paul09 - Copy“Jewel in the middle of jungle” (Jewel = beautiful old church ; jungle = city with high-rise metropolitan buildings surround it).

I took bus no.171,, same bus that goes straight to the city. Stopped at the ntuc (exactly in front of the Cathedral of The Good Shepherd), then walked around 500 m to waterloo street. Apparently i arrived at the back gate of the Sts.Peter&Paul Church (should’ve reached it from queen street instead) ;p

the mass was 4:30pm,, i arrived before 3:30pm. still had plenty of time to walked around the church taking some photos. At 4:00pm there was  Adoration to The Holy Infant Jesus of Prague. reminds me of St.Joseph Adoration I did many times before the mass,, before i went to Singapore. turns out those praying, the hurt-knees and everything was worth! :”D

anywho,, this church is still under restoration. you can see the paints was peeled from the ceilings, walls, etc. good things about people here; they want to restore the church exactly the same as the original buildings. i was amazed when the announcement before the mass ended,, the announcer man was asking if anyone has a picture of this church when it was 1900’s because they don’t want to change the facade (the way it looks) and everything. while people at my hometown had bulldozed the beautiful church to the ground and built a new one under the tagline : “renovated”. shame on you! ):

looking forward for the restoration finished. :”D

Went back from the church,, i crossed the bras basah road,, then crossed the singapore management university and took the bus from the stamford road. i wanted to go to far east plaza,, so i took bus 77. then lost in the middle of opposite orchard road. after struggled with ‘streetdirectory.com’ for some minutes i found the ion. went underground to cross the street,, but suddenly i arrived at the hilton hotel. almost fed up. but i had a lot of walk today! (“:

my streetdirectory crashed hundred times! funny because it has tagline “you’ll get lost without it”. now i have it,, but still get lost, plus fed up with the app. |x

the unique point of this church? saints Peter and Paul greeted you at the front door of the church,, and the peeled paints on the ceilings? :p hopefully the next time i go to this church, it has been finished the restoration. (“:

to see the mass schedule of Sts.Peter&Paul : http://www.catholic.org.sg/parish_detail.php?OrganisationID=2

and the wiki : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_Saints_Peter_and_Paul,_Singapore